Harmony of 5 ON 25


The restaurant takes inspiration from the five home-style flavours of Chinese cuisine with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and sustainable seafood – culminating in a true epicurean harmony of salty, spicy, sour, sweet and bitter.

Harmony of 5 flavours

Chinese cuisine is traditionally categorised into five flavours: Salty, Spicy, Sour, Sweet and Bitter, and emphasizes the harmony of these flavours. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the harmony of the five flavours can not only improve one’s taste experience, it also helps achieve a balance of good health. 5 ON 25 is the representation and the embodiment of these key Chinese cultural beliefs and traditions.

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The Venue

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Journey through an intimate cocooned foyer lined with white stone and dusky wood and into the warmly furnished dining room. In a subtle nod to the old world charm of 1950s Singapore, the restaurant is in a palette of rich colours and textures, and every piece of furniture and fitting is bespoke.

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Meet Our Team


Lim Hong Lih

Head Chef

Chef Lim grew up in Malaysia’s Johor Kulai and grew his love for culinary by assisting his father who ran a small coffee shop.With two decades under his belt from working at iconic Cantonese establishments in Singapore, Chef Lim is now the head chef of 5 ON 25, where he parlays his well-seasoned experience to create his own interpretation of a sophisticated Chinese menu, that is a blend of well-loved classics and refined inventive dishes.
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Billy Chen

Restaurant Manager

With a passion for hospitality, Taiwanese native Billy Chen began his career, travelling and working the world over in Taiwan,Xiamen, and Maldives, before he arrived to open Andaz Singapore and now to open 5 ON 25. With an impressive global experience to support him in his journey as Restaurant Manager of 5 ON 25, he wishes to introduce diners to a modern Chinese upscale dining experience, unlike any other in Singapore.
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